No more M&Ms for me EVER

We have a New Year's tradition: every Christmas, our family gets a puzzle under the tree to put together on New Year's eve.

This year, we decided that we would put together the puzzle that Katie brought on her last visit here in July. She had gone to the M&M museum in Las Vegas and bought us an M&M themed puzzle.

It is the hardest, most frustrating puzzle alive.

After a week, we still haven't finished it! And keep in mind that we did the blue M&M part and the border WAY BACK IN JULY when Katie gave it to us! Jim and I have been working on it every evening that we are free, and we're lucky if, between the two of us, we get 20 pieces in one evening. Most of the pieces are nearly the same shape and the little M&Ms on the puzzle make the pieces very difficult to place. We've never had a puzzle go this long unsolved. Even the 3000 piece puzzle we did two years ago was finished by Kate's birthday (Jan 6). And this is only a 550 piece puzzle!!!

It's so hard that every time Matt and I put a piece in the puzzle, we do a little celebration dance. (the big boys and Hayley are no help. They have better things to do)

Anyway, please wish us luck with this puzzle. When we finally finish it, I'm either going to send it back to Katie and make her do it as punishment for providing us with this brain-grinder, or I'm going to go to a Catholic church, ladle a small quantity of holy water into a vial, sprinkle it on the puzzle and then burn it in a bonfire while chanting The Lord's Prayer.


glue it and frame it when you're done. Or I guess you could burn it.
Jenni said…
Jen, you'd be ill if you had to put this thing together. It was seriously HEINOUS.

But in a marathon sitting yesterday, Jim and I finally finished it.
Marta said…
That's a good/bad one. we once had hay in a needle stack. took weeks. i have a friend who has a yearly bonfire with her 9 sisters in which they burn their puzzles. i believe alcohol may be involved.
Jen said…
Holy Batman, monstrous puzzle. There aren't many unique M&M's to stand out from the crowd, so I think I would have given up on trying to do such an impossible feat. Congrats for sticking to it. I'll bet you'll never want to eat an M&M ever again. I'm also betting Jenni will never want to eat another candy corn again after receiving the 10# bag from the white elephant party.
Jeannine said…
I'll have to look for one of these for my brother. He gets at least one puzzle every Christmas and does them very quickly. This one might take a little longer.