Insecurity, get thee hence!

I'm not going to post a giant essay (like I did yesterday) today because I am going to try to spend most of my day in my happy place.
I wish I were going there for real so I wouldn't have to deal with tonight. I'm in charge of a church activity and I don't do "in charge" very well.

PS--I think that picture would make an awesome 1500-2000 piece puzzle.


You'll do great!
I'm not sure yet if I can go. Two sick kids, starting to get sick myself. I think I'll have my meals ready, though, so we'll see. Maybe a brief appearance.
I'm sorry to hear that there is sickness in your house! Stay home and get well! If you do have your meals done, maybe just stop by briefly to trade. I hope to have mine done by then and Pam made meals too.
Jen said…
Oh, Sara, you'll do great tonight. You are the best person to have in charge of things because you add nice and a sense of humor to everything. I know how you must feel though because I'm the same way. The activities coordinator asked me to be the emcee at the Christmas Brunch, and I asked her if was because she didn't want to do it. She said she just felt bad that she always hogged that role for each event. I told her not to feel that way because she was the best person for the job thereby getting out of it myself. Whew! I think she saw through my bull though.