FINALLY and a list

The demons of evil puzzlery are finally exorcised. I slept very well last night. And my sewing room table is much cleaner. We'd been storing the unfinished puzzle there since late July.

Ten other things about today and yesterday:

1. Other Jim and Paul tried to see how few bites it would take to each a slice of pizza. OJ did it in two bites. I was officially grossed out. Paul did it in three.
2. I cut out the bathrobe!
3. We got a Lego catalog today and how cool is this: Toy Story Lego sets!
4. I've been corresponding with a third cousin once removed regarding a family history mystery that has been solved! A mistake lead to a correction which led to correspondence and we now have information on a great-grandmother on my mother's side that previously we knew nothing about!
5. I've been very good at crossing things off a week's worth of to-do lists. I rewarded myself with chocolate.
6. It's been egregiously cold for a while now. I'm glad I have my knitted wool socks. I might have to learn to knit mittens too.
7. I got some cool new yarn to knit dishcloths. I like to take the yarn out and pet it because it's so pretty.
8. I'm jealous that Annie and Mimi and VM have a new kitty.
9. We had a pizza delivered to Kate for her birthday. I highly recommend doing this for young adult children living away from home. Katie was very excited about it.
10. I have to go do some more things on my to-do list for today.


Jenni said…
The puzzle looks really good. Very nice to have that done and off your mind. you have closure. I started a pair of socks for Travis. I know how it feels to get new yarn and want to hide from everything else and only knit. I consider taking my knitting to church EVERY Sunday. it sounds like you are feeling accomplished today. kudos.
Jen said…
Congrats on finishing that evil knievel puzzle. I think I would have given up just after looking at the picture. I think I would have vomited a little in my mouth if I had seen your boys eat pizza in such large bites. Finally, the robe is on its way to being completed. I need a new robe, too. Are you up for it? Oh, I'm so kidding. I wouldn't do that to you after all you've talked about trying to muster up enough time/energy just to do the one for yourself:) I think Construct-a-Zurg is my favorite Toy Story Lego set. If you're thinking of birthday presents for me.... Chocolate is the best reward. For ANYTHING. Yay for your knitted socks. I've been thinking of looking for a crocheted pattern for mittens, too. Don't know if that would really work, but it's worth a search. I received a purple/gold dishcloth from Jenni, and now I'm thinking it would fun (and super easy) to whip some up for the dishcloth drawer. Especially since Mike has been stealing my dishcloths/towels to work on cars/trucks:( You don't have to be jealous of the new kitty. Just come visit anytime to meet her. She'll love you immediately. She's that kind of kitty. (P.S. The breeder still has some kitties left.) What a thoughtful thing to do for Katie. I bet she'll remember that always. Who doesn't love pizza. Especially as a surprise delivery from 4/5 states away. I also have a to-do list today. We're having to skip church today because of still sick kids. I figured the congregation didn't want to listen to our choir of loud, wretched coughing and sneezing and Annie's constant wheezing. Good times!