The universe gave me a present!

I've been having a somewhat wretched day (in comparison to days that I've had before. Not in comparison to, say, the people who live in Haiti. Must remember to count my blessings and pray that some of my blessings be redistributed among the Haitians, maybe even some of my monetary good fortune too).

While moping about the house with frowns and tears threatening to tattoo themselves to my face, I had to check on some grocery supplies to compile my list for shopping. I noticed I had small marshmallows. Those will be good for a craft for fake child tomorrow. I peered further into the recesses of the marshmallow shelf and noticed a brown package.

Hershey bars. 2 6-packs.


(squeal and dance of joy!)

I don't remember buying them and I don't remember hiding them from myself.

They are precious as gold today when I needed a pick-me-up and the other sources of good cheer in the house had neglected their duty. I nearly cried.

Thank you, parallel universe me who hid the chocolate in the place where I would find it on a crappy day like today!


Jenni said…
You just reminded me that I have some hidden away in the freezer!!! Hope your day is better today. Don't cry, it just gives you headaches.
I have a doozy of a headache right now. Must medicate with Hersheys or Lindt.
Jen said…
What a nice prize for a rotten day! I can totally relate finding the hidden Hershey bars. Although Mike is the one hiding them from me because he knows that I'll eat them all gone and leave none for our next S'mores extravaganza. I hope whatever is that is making you sad that the Hershey's bars will make it all go away:) I'll be that going and reading about other's psychic readings will give you a lift as well.