Whoa, dude, I can hear colors!

I've been listening to Pierre Lunaire while reading excerpts of Kafka, Eliot, and Joyce. I feel like a cubist painting: disjointed, disturbed, and distanced (I'm "dis"ed). Don't try this at home; only trained professional Humanities experts can handle this type of sensory psych-out. It's a non-drug user's acid trip.

I think the only thing that saved my brain through that experience was that I was eating good, wholesome, American chocolate, which kept me grounded in the non-surreal world of my dining room. Having children around helps too, but the house was empty save for me and the two cats (who were no help at all); everyone else was at church. So I had no one around to break the brain-binding spell of modernist literature and unworldly music by hollering, "Mom, I need help making Paul Bunyan's dental floss!"*

~floats away on clouds of gray German poetry, giant bugs, and Hollow Men~


*More on that in a future post, provided I have returned to the real-life, everyday realm of housework, Minnesota cold, and when-is-dinner-ready?


Jen said…
I see nothing wrong with a non-drug-induced acid trip from time-to-time. That's what's great about your brain being healthy and not doing drugs is that you can enjoy life and your senses with simple things like reading a book, listening to music, dancing around, or whatever makes you happy. I think the WofW may have been on to something way back when before they even knew the funky drugs that are available today were even invented.