A Kate, a sock, and a bee

It's weird not posting post-birthday pictures. Katie got a little "present" at work in the form of a very nice special mention in a review form. The bank she works at sends out surveys to all their departments to review other departments and her department gets negative reviews all the time because they are the police of the new accounts. It's her job (and her department) to find errors, if any, in signature cards. So they get a lot of bad feedback. But Katie was mentioned by name in one review, which said that Katie is always helpful and pleasant to this new-on-the-job person who wrote the review. The reviewer said that Katie has made learning the system easier. So Katie was happy.

I knit a sock.Now I have to knit the other one.

Matt has been chosen to take part in his school's geography bee (which will take place a week from Friday I think). He's very excited. He likes learning and knowing factoids about the world around him, especially in the areas of science and geography. I don't have any high expectations of him in the bee, but I'm tickled for him to be selected. Go Matt!


Mike said…
Happy birthday Katie (through your mothers blog)!!!
Jenni said…
yay, yay, and yay. Love the sock. Love Katie and Matt, too. But, cool sock.
Yeah, I love Zauerball yarn.
Jen said…
Awesome sock. The colors blend so nicely together. It's also cool that Katie got a good review amongst the reputation of her job getting constant bad reviews. I'm sure she felt really great after that:)