Day off

Everyone is home today because of the holiday. Jim even got the day off work.

So here is my list of ten things we are doing on the day off:

1. Cut two heads of hair. Matt and Jim both needed it. Jim got a trim and Matt had 2/3 of his hair weight removed. It was getting long.
2. Go for a run. Paul is out now, testing the running gloves that he got for Christmas. The ice mantle is almost gone from our street so hopefully his run will be slip-sliding-away-free. I plan to go on a walk in a few minutes, after I'm finished here.
3. Sleep in. I have yet to see Other Jim.
4. Have a friend over. Matt is having company because his friend wants to play Super Smash Bros. on the Wii.
5. Perhaps a matinee of Fantastic Mr. Fox after the friend leaves? We shall see.
6. I have to go grocery shopping. I have to take advantage of having strapping boys home to empty the van for me.
7. JOBS! Sink scrubbed, laundry room floor mopped, microwave wiped down, and floors swept.
8. Not by me.
9. Chuck is on tonight! So TV watching is on my list of things to do today.
10. A carry-over of rejoicing and little victory dances for the Purple from yesterday combined with resigned belief that the Vikings will probably suck it up next week in New Orleans.


Jen said…
My kids are home today as well. Although Annie should be at school for a 1/2 day, but she is sick. Again. Ugh! We're still getting out today to do some shopping and running some errands including taking my brand new sewing machine to get fixed. Urgh!

Have fun everyone on their day off!
Brand new sewing machine needs fixing? What happened? Tell Annie that Auntie Sara hopes she feels better soon.
Jenni said…
Morgan's room is getting a DEEP cleaning due to a stinking closet (leftover lunch - apparently the closet i where that goes). I went to Walmart. Other girls cleaned the floor and stove. Maybe some scrapbooking later? Enjoy your day.
Jen said…
Thanks, Annie is back to school today with just a little bit of a cough. The sewing machine would turn off and then back on several times while stitching. I was also having trouble with the auto button-holer. The shop made some adjustments, and so it should be working fine now (I hope).