I like to browse craft blogs, Craft Gossip, Tip Junkie, and One Pretty Thing to name just a few. I've started to notice Valentine crafts pop up. *Shiver* Not that I don't like the Valentine holiday, but several years ago, I set myself up for years of Valentine pain by starting a tradition of the Valentine treasure hunt for my children. One year (Katie's junior year) I let it get so big that I had started the puzzle creating BEFORE Christmas, and Kate's set of puzzles involved six of her friends, a web address, and practically a whole ream of paper.

For Katie's senior year, I made it easier on myself, but it was still a workout for my brain and for my calendar. Even preparing the easiest treasure hunt involved lots of time and brain power.

Last year I had other worries and didn't do a treasure hunt with puzzles or clues. I felt very guilty. (I realize that the guilt was of my own making and that Valentine treasure hunts are not necessary for my children to grow up to be productive and responsible citizens of our community)

But there is a small part of my brain that keeps nagging me: "Oh, come on. One little treasure hunt for the kiddies! You gotta keep up the tradition until Matt is at least in high school." So I've been mulling ideas over in my head and I think I'm going to do a quiz for each of the kids. Right answers will earn letters that, when unscrambled, will reveal the location of their Valentine treat. Now I just have to come up with the quiz. I'm tempted to call it "Get to know your siblings," and would base the questions on things they should know about each other. I plan to include Katie too, but she has to get ALL the answers right on her quiz before I'll ship her treat out to her, since she can't be here to search for it. I think I'll send her the quiz early so that she has some time to work on her quiz before the 14th.

There is one part of our ritual celebration of Valentine's Day that I am looking forward to preparing: our dinner. Usually we have heart-shaped meatloaf, red jello, heart-shaped biscuits, and red juice (coupled with veggies and fruits that are good for your heart).

What do you do for Valentine's day?


Jen said…
I must admit that I've got an addiction to craft blogs, too. I even have a folder on my bookmarks bar that is categorized into general crafts, sewing, crocheting, knitting, kids, baby, scrapbooking, etc. That "Craft Gossip" is a new one for me, so it promptly got bookmarked under "general crafts". I LOVE LOVE LOVE "One Pretty Thing" because it basically scours all the crafty blogs out on the internets and sums them up each day. That's how I found out about the reward board.

That Valentines treasure hunt sounds so wonderful for your family. You can't give up on it. Just don't put so much work and stress into it. I like your quiz idea. Have each of your kids come up with the questions about themselves to put onto the quiz. That would save you a lot of time.
Jen said…
In case you don't already know about these:
Crafty Stylish
Sew, Mama, Sew!
Design Sponge
Purl Bee (for knitters/crocheters)
Ravelry (you've gotta sign up for this, but it has tons of free patterns and members who post what they've made)
Of course, there are a zillion+1 crafty blogs out there, but I think all the ones above and the links you listed have got them all covered.
Jenni said…
Yay for the Valentine hunt. Let the games begin. It's gonna get ugly!!