I am not posting today

I haven't got anything to say. And there isn't much going on. Hayley does have a band concert tonight; I'm sure I'll take pictures. This might be the last time she plays clarinet for a band concert. She loves the bassoon; she's especially anxious to use the other seven thumb keys for the left hand. So far she's only used the one little round one. She really wants to use the BIG round one.

I've also been knitting several dishcloths while exercising on the stationary bike. I've found that I get bored very easily if I'm just watching movies while stationary-cycling. So now I knit while watching something and cycling. (so what if it takes me 15 minutes to set everything up and get everything in the right place. Bike placed just so--it bothers me if the bike doesn't look straight on right in the middle of the screen. I notice things like angles--not angels. I don't notice angels so much. Angled viewing doesn't bother me if I'm sitting on the couch, but if I'm on the bike, I have to be viewing it from straight on. Then I have to have the knitting yarn come up over the right shoulder. Left shoulder doesn't like the feel of the yarn snaking over it. All three remotes are placed on an overturned laundry basket to the left on the couch so I can reach them without having to get off the bike. And then I bike and knit in 15-minute increments--not 15 minute increments (correct punctuation is our friend and helps us understand each other).)

It's a good thing we kept all those millions of old Lego sets. Other Jim has a photography project involving stop motion and he wanted a specific set of Legos for it. He spent a good 45 minutes looking for it. I suggested substituting pieces from other sets since he had the instruction booklet, but he would have none of it. Finally Jim (father) found it in the garage (where we'd already looked several times). Thank goodness for OJ's organization (which probably rubbed off from Paul) because all the Legos in the set he needed were in one bucket and it wasn't combined with another set. Most of the other sets are in zip-top baggies with their matching instruction booklet in a laundry basket in the boys' bedroom. But this one was rather larger and so it got put out in the garage.

Speaking of OJ, this particular nickname has started to pop up in real-life situations. When I decided to call him Other Jim, it was only to avoid confusion with his father when using his new preferred version of his name for this blog. And yet, last week, OJ received a valentine from his grandma addressed to O. Jim. Cyber life is creeping in and invading real life. How strange! I always think it's strange when I talk to people on the phone or face-to-face and they say, "I saw on your blog..." or something like it. The internet in my mind is sort of a fake place populated by fake people with fake events and fake stories. I print out coupons that I find on the interweb and use them at real stores, and I always wonder if the cashiers think the coupons are fake because they are obviously home-printed.

OK, enough of this not-posting-anything-today.


Jenni said…
I would love to see the end result of the stop motion stuff. Our photo kids do that too. I'm glad you can knit and bike at the same time. Thanks for reading my blog, too.
Mike said…
Very well, if your're not posting then I am not leaving a comment.
Jen said…
Hmmm, that's quite a non-post. How cool that O.J. is doing photography. I'd be interested in seeing his stop-motion results, too.