What's up with Katie?

Some of you might remember that we used to have five kids instead of four. Yeah, there's this girl we had first, the child before Other Jim (the not-so-undetectable food stealer). But she got old and we got rid of her.

HA! (OK, that was in poor taste. But then I'm all about not recognizing when something is in poor taste. Have you SEEN my house?)

Kate still keeps in near daily contact with us, thanks to texting and free long distance on cell phones.

I thought I would post a small update on our long-gone daughter.

This is what she has been doing in her spare time:Yes, it's a skull latch hook pillow she hook-latched. The goth in her has reemerged in her desire to craft. I like the red eyes. She did another one, a latch hook version of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh. It was a gift for someone and I have mislaid the picture she sent me. It was HUGE too. At least four feet wide, I think.

And no she isn't dead,
she's merely sleeping on her couch.

Katie has been going to the gym before work with her roommate nearly every day for a few weeks and likes that very much. She recently cleaned her bathroom and called me to tell me about it. She is the organist at church and the choir accompanist. She takes flute lessons and plays in a flute choir.

And she's currently serving jury duty. She got notice a week and a half ago, and she freaked out, thinking that she couldn't afford to miss work. We assured her that work had to let her go and she would still get paid and all would be well. She was afraid to believe us (I spent the phone conversation with her banging my head on the wall) and didn't calm down until Monday when her supervisor assured her that she would not be penalized in any way. Then she changed her mind and thought that jury duty would be a fun adventure.

And sure enough, today she was picked to sit on a jury. Of course, she can't discuss details, but the case was heard this afternoon and will continue tomorrow. She should be done after that. She's a real adult now, performing civic duties such as this!

I've been called to jury duty twice, but never made it to being on a jury; Jim has NEVER been called to jury duty (well, he was once in CA--or UT?--but he had moved out of the state and was excused from serving).

So that's our update on the child who doesn't live with us anymore.


Jen said…
Glad to hear what Katie is up to. The goth pillow sure is swell. That's all I'll say:) Actually it reminds me very much of my junior high years when I hung out with the "hoods". They liked skulls a lot. Even better if they had red eyes.

I would have liked to have seen the Starry Night hook latch. That must have taken a lot of work and shows a lot of dedication to her friend.

Don't even say the words j**y d**y. I'm cursed with it. I've been called in just about every town we've lived in even HERE after only living in this stupid town for a year. Luckily, I got out of it because I had served in the past 2 or 4 years (can't remember which). Whew!
Jenni said…
Ah remember the hours spent hook latching...I made such a beautiful ode to Miss Piggy. You made something that matched the wall paper (see pictures of wall paper and be amazed there was something to match it). What ever got her into hooking and latching?

I'm glad she has found activities that keep her occupied and happy.

I've been called to jury duty twice and was moving out of state by the time I was to serve. That meant that I had to have proof of closing documents to show that I didn't live there anymore.

Good to hear of Katie. And see a picture.