Post #213 in a never-ending series of posts about band concerts

Band concert last night.

This was the weather as we drove over to the school:Very pretty but a bit of a challenge to drive in.

French horn player who "somehow" managed to "forget" to tell his mother that he had a solo in one of the songs so she nearly missed it because she was talking to the friend who sat next to her:
Bassoons. I post this picture because Hayley's band director asked her if she'd like to learn to play the bassoon and she nearly died with excitement saying yes.
Paul after the concert and after the verbal "thrashing" received over the lack of solo notification. As you can tell, he's very contrite, sorrowful, and repentant. Not. I just like pictures of snow falling.


Jenni said…
What exciting snow!!! And an extra lash with a wet noodle for Paul. Morgan has her All-County concert tonight where she is 1st chair tenor sax and we are missing it. She'll live. That is really exciting about Hayley playing the bassoon. I'd be excited too. That is one of those "rare" instruments that only special people get to play!
Shantel said…
I love that first picture of the snow. It looks almost cycadelic. (i SO dont spell)
Jen said…
So Hayley is going to be a baboon?
Jen said…
Wow, that looks like some night with all the flying snow. Paul looks so handsome. He looks older and older every time you post pictures of him.

That sounds like such a fun opportunity for Hayley to learn the bassoon. Good luck!