For love of shoes

I do dearly love shoes.

But this post isn't about me or my shoes.

It's about Other Jim and his shoes.

He bought shoe trees.


Shoe trees!

I haven't seen shoe trees in probably 30 years! I didn't know people still used them.

OJ wants to keep his shoes nice-looking, which is understandable. It's just that I never envisioned him buying SHOE TREES.

First a suit, then a tuxedo, now SHOE TREES! Ladies and gentlemen, I think a name change might be in order. Henceforth, OJ shall be called "Beau Brummel."

(or not)


TaterBean said…
what are "shoe trees" and what does his new name mean??
Jen said…
I ditto TB's 2nd question? But I'm actually quite amused by OJ's intense fashion sense and his yearning to keep his belongings in pristine condition. You should post a picture of the shoe tree.
Shoe tree images:

Reason to use shoe trees:

Beau Brummel:

Note especially in the last reference this quote: "Here, he made an impression with his elegant understated manner of dress and clever remarks. His fastidious attention to cleaning his teeth, shaving, and bathing daily became popular."
Jenni said…
OJ, OJ, OH JAY!! interesting use of money.
Dennis said…
I used to have shoe trees. I had 2 pair of Florsheim wing tips that were very expensive, well made and looked good. I used my shoe trees for quite a while until the trees sprouted branches, dropped leaves, nuts, bugs and moths.