Happiness is...

having pizza delivered by the cutest guy in the world

tipping the cute pizza guy a brownie

being smooched by the cute pizza delivery guy

getting an extra hour and a half of sleep after the fake child was dropped off at 6 a.m.

having a fake child who sleeps two and a half hours after getting dropped off

children who get themselves ready for school (OH HOW I LOOKED FORWARD TO THIS DAY back when I had five children under the age of 9)

children who remember to feed the cats and scoop the litter box without me having to tell them

hearing my sister talk about her students. Seriously, "Would you jump off a trampoline for a cheezy weel?" still makes me laugh. Yes, I would jump off a trampoline for a cheezy weel! And I don't know (and neither does my sister) how long the lag time is between actual death (by murder) and ability to appear as a ghost at a dinner party.

listening to Katie tell me about whose signature cards she got to approve at her bank

a perpetually clean living room (well, clutter-free. It's not always vacuumed and dusted)! For years and years and years I've suffered through massive toy dumping in that room and finally the kids are old enough to not leave Legos spilled all over that room. And I've taught fake child to pick her toys up before she goes home and then we whisk her toy boxes off to another room until she comes back. Now I gotta figure out how to keep the kitchen and dining room clean.

a clean kitchen sink

watching kids play in band concerts

watching kids in sporting events

knitting a fabbo dishcloth a little every day

having a brownie for breakfast

and another one for lunch

and one for dinner

a way-too-comfortable couch

clean dishes in the dishwasher, better yet, clean dishes in the cupboard



you've given me so much hope. REally. :)
Dennis said…
When there is just you and that pizza guy left at home you will yearn for the days when you had all of your children at your feet.
froggybaby said…
Sounds like a pizza boy fantasy!! I like your list and I'm glad you don't mind hearing about my students. They make me laugh, and I hope you aren't sick of hearing about them. Sometimes they are really funny, though.
TaterBean said…
I can't believe I got to see Dallin H Oaks' signature...and touch it and stuff. I need to clean my room...I'll do it after work
Jen said…
That's certainly a fine list of things for which to be happy. Right now I wish I had a live-in pizza delivery man from Papa John's. Boy, do I crave that stuff lately.