Stop and Go

This child (who understandably wants to remain nameless and to keep his identity a secret with those cheap glasses) wants to start driving asap. He told me that he wants to practice even before taking driver's ed (he's eligible for it this July). He said, and I quote, "I want to get used to how far down to press the go pedal and the stop pedal."

He's never going to drive if I can help it.


froggybaby said…
It is amazing that he is old enough to drive, but to think about it so technically is funny. And really, all my students drive and they aren't nearly as capable at life as Paul is, so Paul will be fine!

my word ver: prolle
Dennis said…
I would feel much safer on the road with him driving than with ANY of my bus kids.
The glasses make the man!
Jen said…
I would bet Paul will be very responsible driving a car. He may need a vocabulary lesson on the various parts of the car though because the go and stop pedals are just not going to cut it.