Valentine Ten Things (high concentration of sap and mush present in this post)

This is my Valentine. I would have superimposed little hearts all over his picture and edited out my eyeball and bit of frown that are still in the picture but I'm no good at photoshopping. And I don't have Photoshop. So pretend that there are all sorts of little lovey-dovey doodles around his face with a couple of lip prints on his cheeks and neck.

He has been my Valentine 21 years in a row now and shows no sign of wanting to be replaced. Nor am I looking for a replacement Valentine.

Why is he my permanent Valentine?

1. He does dishes. Seriously, does that not rock? That should be the ten things RIGHT THERE.
2. His placidness has tempered (somewhat) my propensity for blowing things out of proportion and getting depressed, uptight, angry, scared, worried, or flighty.
3. Whenever I call him up while he is on his way home from work to tell him that my day was such that I did not make dinner, he never tells me that I should just have prepared better, organized myself more, or should have JUST GOTTEN OVER MYSELF. He just says, "OK. Should I get burritos?"
4. He indulges and/or fosters my love for books, certain kinds of music (think Weird Al), MST3K, sitting on the couch, crafting, sitting, and relaxing.
5. He sets a great example for my boys on how to treat girls and how to be even-tempered and selfless. He has also been involved in their church education now for the last 6 years or so. And he is a good example to my girls of what kind of husband they should look for.
6. He gets along well with my family (at least I think he does. I think my siblings tolerate and even like him a lot. I know my mother likes him. So does my dad) and never rolls his eyes at our family quirks (if we even have any). He never complains about the amount of time we spend with my family.
7. He has put up with performances of the arty kind for many years now, even though when we got married, the only artistic performances he enjoyed were rock concerts.
8. He says things like "Comfy?" "Need a back rub?" "Want some popcorn?" "Want to put your legs up on my lap?"
9. He kills spiders. Even the big fat hairy black ones
10. He's still here.

Plus he's cute.


froggybaby said…
Those 10 things are really good things, too. He is a great Valentine. And no, our family has no quirks. Yay for spider killing.
Dennis said…
Jim is a gem, no doubt about it.
I really wish you had photoshop so I could see that. :) Kudos to your valentine for all those good things he does. It's always so reassuring to me each time I learn there ARE still many good men in the world.
Jen said…
What a wonderful list of things. Who could ask for more from a husband? Jim is great!
Caitlin from CA said…
jim is looking more and more like dad every year. well, at least you know what he'll look like at 68! and "even-tempered" is an understatement! in our family he's like a freak of nature. i mean, seriously, where did he come from? i've never heard him yell and i bet he has never uttered a swear word in all his life. if he wasn't my brother, i'd probably hate him :)
I haven't heard him swear either, except once when he was talking in his sleep. Seriously.

And yes, he does look like his/your dad.
Jim said…
It is easy being a decent husband if you have a great wife like I do. Thank you, Sara! Love, Jim