Something to be proud of

This week is Snoball week at the high school. During lunch, the people in charge of Snoball week activities sponsored a Hostess Snoball-eating contest and awarded tickets to the Snoball dance to he or she who could eat a two-pack of Snoballs the fastest (one winner in each lunch period).

Not only did Jimmy win in his lunch, but he apparently set the school record with 41 seconds.

Yay. He is quite pleased with himself. If only they had a varsity Snoball-eating team at school! He'd be team captain and probably go to state.

I am so NOT surprised. Whenever the planets align in perfect formation and we are able to sit down to dinner as a whole (but Katie-less) family, I notice that in the time it takes for me to lift my first forkful of food to my mouth, Jimmy has licked his plate clean and is on his way to put it in the sink.

Today I face the knife. It's biopsy time, folks.


Ack, good luck with the knife. Have Jimmy keep some Hostess on hand for you just in case it's more traumatic than you thought.
Karie said…
Good luck with the knife! Maybe you should have a Snoball eating contest with Jimmy right before, to calm your nerves. :D
Jen said…
You would think the way you talk about how Jimmy can wolf down food so quickly that he would be this hulking 6.5 football player, but he's just Jimmy, huh? Where does he put it all without becoming Mongo?

Good luck today!