Shouldn't seeing be at the top of your to-do list?

The above is a (probably somewhat mangled) Brian Regan quote from one of his comedy routines about prescription eyewear.

I'm not wearing my glasses. Or my contacts. So I can't see very well this morning, which might be a good thing. I won't scare myself in the mirror or I won't get all up in someone's grill about their nonstandard usage (I used to say "bad grammar" until I took the Modern American Usage class and was shown the higher-educated way of saying it, which leaves out the business of calling someone WRONG) in print because I can't read it. (On the other hand, I can't read what I am currently typing either, so if I miss any ugly usage or spelling errors, I claim fuzzy seeing as my excuse.

Why am I not wearing glasses this morning? Because it's "one of those days." I don't think I'll get around to exercising today either. I have a whole host of things to accomplish, and since I won't be able to get all of it done, the part of the brain that likes to be pessimistic says, "you might as well not get any of it done" and so I sit and stare at the wall (a.k.a. the computer) and feel guilty for not getting anything done.

I feel another woe-is-me coming on. But as my mother once said to me, "Nobody likes to hear about your problems," so I won't indulge the woe in me. Besides, most of my problems are only perception problems. Not only do I have real fuzzy seeing, but I have fuzzy perception of the rhetoric portion of life--that part of life that is social in nature, influenced by communication, and not tangible. This is otherwise known as "blowing things out of proportion."

So I'll eschew talking about how I don't measure up to my own yardstick and instead I'll mention how nice it was to wake up this morning after an anxiety dream and realize that fake child wasn't left at my house today for an unscheduled long babysitting day, and that my mother didn't drop nephew Owen at my house unannounced, that I AM wearing more than just a towel, that I do know how to dial a phone and that my children did not miss any buses this morning and my car is safely tucked in my garage and it still works. Whew! Yay for real life!


put on your glasses and look in the mirror because you're awesome! I'm glad your dream wasn't real; your day can only get better after that, right?
Karie said…
I have those days sometimes. For them I prescribe:
1. a long, hot shower with fruity soaps
2. chocolate (liquid or solid) and a Jane Austen movie
3. an excellent YA novel of the slightly trashy but still engrossing variety

But that's my de-stress routine and can only happen if someone else is watching my kids. I hope you're able to do something great for yourself today as a pick-me-up and as a way to forget/let go of your unmentionable problems.

Remember, you are GAF the Indomitable! (I said so, and so it must be.)
Steph and Karie--how's a last-minute mammogram (second in less than a week) to perk up the day or for a way to ease the woes? And now I need either a biopsy or an MRI...

;) I'm not going for PITY ME! At least not yet. There is nothing to worry about really. The dr. just wants to figure out what some little pinprick-sized dots are.

Long shower with fruity soaps and mirror with the glasses on will have to wait until tomorrow. Now I have to prepare for teaching a fingerprinting merit badge class, which will actually be fun! I did purchase some Nestle's Creamy Caramel Treasures though, which I will consume while reviewing the fingerprinting stuff.

Indomitable GAF, blasting off!
Jen said…
I don't know how you can go even a few minutes without any eyewear. I hate when I can't see, and I inevitably start squinting which then gives me a headache. Not fun! Glad to see you are trying to be positive despite getting some questionable news.

I, too, am glad I get to park my van in the garage. I would REALLY not like living here if I had to go outside each day to start the car 20-30 minutes in advance to get it warm and/or scrape off frost/ice/snow.