If you ever have to get a biopsy, I highly recommend a stereotactic needle core biopsy. And lidocaine....lots of lovely lidocaine. The machine looked scary, and I felt like I was a vehicle getting its oil changed, but the worst part wasn't the cutting device, it was having to lie still for half an hour. I wasn't supposed to move my head, arms, torso, or legs. That was really annoying. Otherwise, I was intrigued by all the science-y stuff, especially the x-ray-like images they took at every stage of the procedure.

My incision is only about a quarter of an inch long and very innocuous-looking. I've got ice packs to prevent swelling, but I feel just fine. I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting, aerobics, tennis (have to cancel the tennis lesson), weight-lifting, or extreme knitting (har) for two days.

Time to relax!

Results Friday.


Jen said…
Yay, you made it out alive. I'm glad it wasn't too scary or painful for you. We really hope to hear good news on Friday:) Oh darn, you can't do anything strenuous. This is the time you can get your house sparkling clean by your kids and husband. Anytime they complain just start moaning about how your aching incision is really bothering you again.
Marta said…
Extreme knitting! You are too funny. Jen's right; you should milk it.
mastubz said…
Sending good thoughts your way for good news on your biopsy results. I think the only strenuous thing you should be doing is ringing a bell to be waited on!