Sun after a snow storm

The sun is shining on 6+ inches of beautiful new snow. All around me, folks are complaining about the neverending winter here. And I think to myself (I would never disagree out loud because I don't do disagreement, unless I am at odds with children under my direction) "But it's only February! It's supposed to be winter in Minnesota. It's supposed to snow. It's supposed to be cold. If it were April, I'd be complaining too, but April is still a March away." And I look out the window at all the sparkly, pretty, cushiony, covering-the-brown snow.

The sucky thing about the snow is that I have to help someone move today. It's a divorce move, therefore a sad one for me. I have a hard time with divorces, first of all because I want to know WHY. And WHY is usually (heck, ALWAYS) none of my (insert swear word gerund here) business. I want to explore what went wrong, why people came to the divorce conclusion. I want to know so that I can avoid that road.

Years ago, Jim and I promised each other (and not over any altar, although technically we did do just that. This was more of a realization independent of "Yay! We like each other enough to give marriage a go!") to never go down the divorce road, never even to approach it. And so I am almost excruciatingly curious about the why of divorce so I can recognize that road to divorce and stay away. I'm not harping on about the mistakes made the cause people to part ways, I am talking about learning from other people's mistakes, because I believe the worst mistake is one made where no one learns anything from the experience. I am all about learning.

***If you have ever been divorced, are thinking or have thought about divorce, or going through divorce, my intent is not to try to make you feel guilty or to make you think I am judging harshly. I am just writing about my need for security in my own life and my willingness to learn by osmosis and not by actual direct experience.***

I could make this a really long post about my fears of divorce, but that wasn't my original intention. My original intention was to say I LIKE SNOW! Boy, I've veered off topic. And I've bummed myself out.

I like Jim and I have no intention of divorcing him or letting him divorce me. He can't divorce me right now anyway, because he will be left cakeless on Sunday when HE TURNS OLDER and he won't get his presents (which are arriving late. Not my fault, unless you think I should have ordered them earlier, in which case, it is my fault. But how was I to know that what I was ordering wasn't immediately available to ship? So, NOT my fault!).

Tune in tomorrow when I post a picture of him as a kid and pay him tribute through blogging.


Jen said…
I'm on the other side of the fence and wish winter and snowing were all done. I want warmth, sunshine, flowers, and GREEN. Heck, I'd be happy if I had that all year long. I loved living in NC where we could have that and go to the beach or park pretty much anytime of year. Sniff...

I agree with you about divorce. A promise/vow Mike and I made to each other to never divorce no how difficult the times. We both realize that there probably aren't any other people in this world that would put up with our quirks anyway, so we're stuck with each other.
I would feel sad about the packing too. And the reason I complain about Snow in february is because anywhere with a "normal" winter would have used up their limit on months of snow by now... but alas, we're only like halfway done here. :)
Mike said…
Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow.
If there is one thing I like better than snow its ice fishing in snow. Jenny doesnt understand my need for snow, I think I am more feral than she is.
Dennis said…
Snow isn't bad except if you job involves driving in it when it is like yesterday and you windshield wiper can't keep up with the falling stuff and only make matters wors so that you have to stop every mile to bang the wipers to get the ice accumulation off because they have big chunks of ice/snow on the and only clean a small portion of the windshiled which happens to be outside your field of vision (how's that for a run-on sentence? I could have made it longer). Then you are driving a vehicle with rear wheel drive and all the weight of your vehicle is in the front so you ask all the kids in the bus to move to the rear for the extra weight on the axle and one girl thinks you are talking about her (because she's fat) but you assure them that having 8 children (total weight about 8200 lbs) will help you get up this hill and home sooner.
Of course snow is bad when it creats ice and you slip and fall on it and you hear a CRACK in your right shoulder and have to lay there for 5 minutes until someone helps you get up so that you can get to your car to go to the emergency to find out that nothing is broken, just torn but you are still in a lot of pain and all you have to show for it is a sling.
Yikes, Dad!

I know slings.