Our house stinks. It reeks. You can almost see the haze of smell in the house.

I planned to post a little about the weekend getaway, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, because somehow, our upstairs has been coated with a pervasive aroma of Body Fantasy Fresh White Musk.

Last night when I got home, the house smelled like it always has--like nothing (you might disagree, but I smell nothing when I walk in my house, unless someone has burned the broccoli, and usually that someone is me).

I dumped my duffle on my floor, promised to unload it later, and tromped downstairs to sit on the couch with Jim to watch the Grammy awards (double Yay for Robert Plant and Alison Krauss! Someone I like actually won!). A little while later, I went back upstairs for a reason I don't remember.

The whole upper floor was awash in the smell. It was worst in the bathroom. My eyes actually stung. We found no evidence of a spill and none of the children admitted to spraying anything. We couldn't even determine exactly what the smell was, although I knew it was a musky perfume of some kind.

The smell still lingers, twelve hours later. In one last ditch effort to discover the product that gave off such an odor, I went through my seldom-used bathroom shelf of lady-like smells and tried the Body Fantasy Fresh White Musk. Bingo! I believe that is the source. But everyone still maintains their innocence. So I think that either we have a new poltergeist in the house that likes to dispense body spray in copious amounts, or the already-present poltergeist finally got tired of spontaneously combusting the fire in the fireplace downstairs and moved upstairs to try something new.

I fear that when I walk out of my house, people from several feet away will smell me coming first, and then see me lurching down the street with a slightly dazed look on my face and wiping tears of perpetual stinging from my eyes.

I pity Jimmy and Paul more than myself, however; my poor boys had to go to school smelling pretty.


Shantel said…
I know I can totally smell it from here!!! Kidding.
froggybaby said…
Better than smelling foul and putrid. However, I would find that equally annoying. I like it when my house smells like Pine-Sol.
Jen said…
At my last command we had to ban a guy from wearing "Axe" because he lacked the ability to meter the dosage appropriately. The entire passageway would reek of that body spray, which I guess he was using to cover the fact that he didnt bathe. We found that out after he stopped using the spray.
Jen said…
Eww, nothing worse than a house reeking of perfume/cologne especially with a scent of not your choosing. Has anyone fessed up yet?