It was a very pleasant prairie

Last weekend.

But first: I can still the lingering odor of Fresh White Musk. We still haven't gotten an admission from the guilty party.

OK. On to pictures.

Despite a bit of an age difference (Hayley and Matt are 11 and 10 and Annie and Mimi are 5 and 4), the cousins had good time playing together.
On Saturday, we ate at a miniscule diner called Frank's where the space was in short supply but the wait was long. I took this picture from the counter where Mike and I sat. We were in very close quarters. And you can see the kids and Jen and Grandma were sitting in "a different room" because I had to take the picture through a window. The menu featured items like "Garbage Lid Breakfast" and "Half Garbage Lid." It was very quaint. But enjoyable. I got a kick out of watching the exhaust fan pull smoke out of a very large hole in the wall. And I was close enough to the grill action to read every one's orders as they were hung up for the "kitchen" staff. At this diner, you run the risk of being yelled at if you don't behave. The diner employees' shirts all said, "Order what you want but eat what you get."

Mike did the Polar Bear Plunge earlier that day. Head on over to the Hawleyfocus if you want to see that.

After lunch at Frank's, Mike took the kids to the Rec Plex for swimming while Mom, Jen, and I went to the Piggly Wiggly to buy grapes for Mom and I to forget to bring on the trip home (Enjoy grapes for the next few weeks, Mike and Jen. Sorry about that).

Then we went back to the homestead to relax.

That night we ate antelope goulash, expertly prepared by Mom (although I did help by browning the meat). After dinner, Mike had Matt and Hayley help him reload ammo. They got to measure gunpowder into bullet casings and crimp the bullet into the casing. Here Hayley pours gunpowder into the weighing tray. You need just the right amount. On Sunday we went to church with Mike and Jen, and I saw someone that I knew. I'm inheriting my mother's tendency to run into people she knows whenever she goes somewhere.

Mike and Mom

Mike and Jen and Mike's drink
More cousin playtime
Mimi catches Matt in her blanket.
Mike shakes the finger of shame at Lucy because she tore into a bag of our medicine and toothpaste while we were at church.She ate the top off the toothpaste tube and chewed up my Nasonex bottle. She was properly repentant, though, after the finger of shame was deployed.

Our stay wasn't quite long enough, but we enjoyed it. I am glad for the opportunity to see the MikeandJen's more often now that they live a bit closer.


looks like a fun trip, makes me miss family. And the drink really rounds out that one picture nicely.
Jen said…
Yes very good pictures. I do look sophisticated with my empty "snifter", the double white grape on the rocks was just what I needed. My shipmates made a video of the polar bear plunge that they posted on youtube, it is It features Brent and Lexi Klassen, Brent is wearing his dads high school basketball uniform and a solid mustache. His size and mustache density really make the film. Again, we enjoyed having you here. Enjoy your scented house.
CC, who posed as Jen commenting, I saw you in the video! Did you jump at the same time as Lexi? Cuz I swear that was you. But I did see you earlier in the film as well.

Mustache man in the basketball uni was awesome!
Jen said…
I'm glad you enjoyed your time here while short and sweet. I like how I've the got the girls dressed alike and how you've got your kids dressed alike in the picture of them on the bed. We should definitely do that more often with our children...dress them alike, that is. Seriously though, I hope you did have fun and we definitely expect future visits.

In the video CC posted, it is Mike jumping in at the same time as Lexi.

BTW, what is an uncho (my word for the day)?
Shantel said…
That diner sounds like something Joel would get into. He loves places like that. I love the shoes on the top of your blog BTW. and Jim did a swell job on his talk. Good training him! (jk)