Something Paul didn't tell me

This morning I decided to do some actual housework before plopping myself down in front of the computer. Mostly I just put laundry away. I grabbed a pile of boys clothing from the family room, and grumbled all the way to the boys' room--why can't they put their clothes away? Is it so hard to pick up a pile of clothing and trot it back to the bedroom and stick the clothes in a drawer? Sigh. (and then I remonstrate myself for my failure to live up to these expectations).

So I walked this pile of clothing to the boys' bedroom and put the clothes in front of Paul's dresser, which is sort of hidden behind his bed. It's in a little alcove formed by his bed and the wall and not visible from the doorway, which is about all the farther into the room that I venture. But I happened to look at the wall above his dresser and noticed a new plaque hanging on the wall:
(I took it off the wall to photograph it)

I have never seen this before. It's a tiny little plaque, only about 5 inches wide. Obviously, it's not a HUGE Academy award for band; it's just a simple recognition of a kid who does well in band class.

He has never mentioned it. For all I know, it appeared magically on the wall. I asked Matt about it and he said, "Oh, I think Paul got that last March or April. I know he didn't get it this year."

I plan to ask Paul about it later, although any information he might provide will probably be cryptic and tainted with the inability to utilize wording, phraseology, or ideas that I will understand. Or he won't know why he got it; he'll just say, "oh, uh, Mr. H just gave that to me last year. He had it on his desk."

I wonder what else will appear on his wall in the future? I hope he remembers to tell me if he ever gets married.


Jen said…
Congrats to Paul even if he doesn't want anyone to know about it. He's such a modest kid.
or extremely forgetful.