Ten things to do to avoid doing what you really should be doing

1. Make a list of things you really should do. Decorate it with little doodles and smiley faces. Poke holes in the paper in little wave patterns. Fold it into a little origami tree and place it on your calendar.
2. Relearn to crochet via youtube.
3. Worry about the whereabouts of the spider you spotted in the bathroom last night and didn't kill.
4. Scrutinize the paint job in the hall and discover that the painter (previous houseowner) painted over daddy-longlegs legs, hair, and dust when he painted.
5. Formulate a convincing argument listing the pros of repainting the hall to present to the painting-weary husband.
6. Watch the house being built across the street.
7. Examine all the carpeting in the house for cat vomit because you know the cat ate half a Barbie dress and eventually it's gotta come up.
8. Determine which child gets to clean up the aforementioned vomit by a complicated logarithm involving who cleaned up after a messy cat accident last time, who gets home from school first, who did their cat job without having to be reminded, and who is on the "in trouble" list.
9. Yell at the cat for eating half a Barbie dress. Get upset when the cat shows absolutely no remorse. Threaten to give the cat a bath. Watch the cat blink.
10. Blog, of course.


Jen said…
I think all those things could easily keep me from getting anything done, too. Right now I'm watching Mimi dance around, and I could really do that all day because it's really cute.
oh my goodness, you just tripled my to-do list.
Mike said…
You should be accomplishing goals!!!!
froggybaby said…
I think that there should be one day a week dedicated to caring for cats and showing them you love them.