It's Thursday

Yep, that's how inspired I am to write today. All I can think of is that today is Thursday. I'll have to do a ten things list to get my brain out of fuzzy mode.

1. I might have to fold laundry today. Or is that in the "strenuous housework" category (which I can't do 'til tomorrow)?
2. Speaking of strenuous housework, the house across the street is gone. The foundation is still there, but there is nothing else. It's like the neighborhood is missing a tooth.
3. Last night I asked Matt what he did at Scouts and he said "We baked meat." Translation: We built a campfire and cooked ground beef for tacos over it.
4. Valentine's day is two days away and I won't be doing our annual valentine's treasure hunt this year. I am sad and ashamed. Hayley and Matt will be disappointed. Jimmy and Paul probably won't care. I do have the candy for it, but in all the business of the last two weeks coupled with the need to get my Creative Writing assignment done, I just can't do it.
5. But I'll still fix a Valentine themed dinner for those who will be home to eat. Sorry Jim, we'll save you some.
6. I already received my Valentine present from Jim--MST3K volume 14! Mad Monster, Manhunt in Space, Soultaker, and Final Justice! We got movie sign!
7. I've got Jim's present too. Now I have to remember where I put it. Stupid brain and its propensity to forget where I put things! I give my brain a simple task and it says, "yeah, I'll remember!" and then it goes off to play Slapjack with my spleen and completely forgets what I asked it to do. I'll have to punish my brain. I'll make it sit in the corner with its frontal lobe facing the wall. (Or should I make the occipital lobe face the wall?)
8. Paul starts track practice next week.
9. Jimmy wants the cut on his head that he received last night to leave a scar. He wants all his friends to notice the cut and ask him what happened. He plans on making up stories to explain it. Either he doesn't want anyone to know that he got it from a girl accidentally banging her tooth on his forehead or he just likes to LIE.
10. Destiny is calling my name. (or Breakfast is. Hard to tell)


Karie said…
Folding laundry definitely falls into the strenuous housework category--all that repetitive motion would definitely strain something!

What does your Valentine's meal consist of? I'm going to make a red velvet cake on Saturday, perhaps tint the cream cheese frosting pink, but that's as far as I've gotten.
Usually I do heart-shaped meatloaf, heart-shaped biscuits, heart-shaped red jello (I have a jello mold in the appropriate shape), red juice, and some kind of vegetable just because I have to have vegetables. Salad with strawberries and red vinaigrette salad dressing.

I shall take your advice regarding folding clothes. Better safe than sorry, right?
Jen said…
I agree, laundry-folding could cause you to pull something and you out of commission even longer. Why haven't your children done it for you yet???

I wish I could join you for your Valentine's dinner, but we'll be at a wedding instead. All I can say is there better be cake, and it better not be carrot cake. We actually went to a wedding where the whole flippin' wedding cake was carrot cake. I'm not saying that NOBODY likes carrot cake, but to assume that all your wedding guests would enjoy a slice of that crap is just presumptuous. Watch now, the cake on Saturday will probably be carrot cake D:
froggybaby said…
I have a mound of laundry, too. But, my boobs are both in working order so I'll have to tackle it!! Your dinner sounds delicious and beautiful. Take and post pictures. Jimmy is funny.
Shantel said…
Slapjack....That's great...Thanks for making me smile today. Are you really feeling good? If you need anything, please call. I know people say that. But I mean it. I can take Hayley off your hands. But you might need her to bring you drinks or something...That's why I keep Brooky
Definte NO to the laundry... any time ignoring laundry is JUSTIFIED, you've got to run with it. And maybe Matt and Hayley would think it was fun to make the candy hunt themselves. Put them in charge. :)
Jake said…
Sara, do artichoke hearts (you can get them canned) lightly sauteed in olive oil with sliced hearts of palm (also available canned) with a little onion and a splash of passion fruit puree. you may be able to find that at a lund's or byerly's. None of that is actually heart shaped, nor any hue of the red spectrum. They just have the names that ring in the holiday, most likely wouldn't be as appreciated as heart shaped things.