What I made last night for dinner

I made Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas (only I used turkey, not chicken).


  • Some cut up cooked birdie meat that has been "leftovered" in the fridge for a while and is threatening to not finish being eaten
  • Some cooked black beans that you made ages ago, plopped into the freezer, and forgot you had until this morning
  • Some grated cheese because everything tastes good with cheese
  • Some old, frozen, cooked rice of indeterminate flavor (I could tell it wasn't the usual regular rice. It was probably basmati rice or something like that)
  • a scoop of sour cream plus a small scraping from the side of the sour cream container
  • a *blop or two or three or four of green taco sauce (and no, that is NOT red taco sauce that has gone moldy)
  • the remaining tortillas from several opened bags in the fridge
  • some salsa that will never get eaten unless you buy more chips and you don't want to buy more chips because the bag will sit OPEN on the counter for days as kids and husband graze on it
  • more grated cheese because everything tastes better with more cheese

Mix the birdie meat, black beans, cheese, rice, sour cream, and taco sauce (NOT THE SALSA, although if you WANT to use salsa, go right ahead, I guess. But don't tell me because I'll flip out) in a bowl. Or whatever--I suppose you could add a bit of each to each tortilla, or you could made one cheese tortilla enchilada, or one black bean one, or one birdie meat, etc. Scoop enough of the mixture into each tortilla to make it worth rolling up. Or don't--I don't care--you could just sandwich it between the tortillas. ANYWAY, place rolled (or sandwiched) tortillas in a greased 9 x 13 baking dish. Spread salsa on the top (unless you used the salsa in the tortilla, in which case there is no redemption for you) and sprinkle with the "more grated cheese" (unless you accidentally put it in with the other grated cheese or ignored the fact that I put it on twice, thinking I had listed something twice by mistake. How wrong you were, weren't you?) Bake for 30 minutes at 350 (how does one put a little degree mark in HTML?). Serve with more sour cream, if you have any left over, veggies of your choice, a fruit or green salad or both, something to drink (put the husband in charge of that). Watch the family devour it (although you need to make sure that you help them). Pat yourself on the back for being a frugal manager of resources by using leftovers!

Actually I have a "real" recipe for this but I ignored it completely.

*blop (def.) -- the amount of something that, as you pour it out of a very small necked bottle, it takes for it to make a "blop" sound.


froggybaby said…
I love stuff like that. I'll have to try that specific mixture of leftovers. It was taco soup for us the other night!! YUM!
Thanks for a recipe with real-people ingredients. And I appreciate comments like "NOT like this..." because too many recipes don't give you enough warnings about the many ways to screw up, so I always do. :)
Shantel said…
That sounds good. I am putting in my menu rotation for the month. We are purists to when it comes to the taco sauce thing. There IS a difference and we prefer the sauce. I prefer it green. I am allready thinking of how to food storage that. It would work. It is totally our kind of food.
Jen said…
Sounds delish. I'll definitely have to try it some night. I'm also going to have to hit you up for some crock pot recipes. The girls now have swim lessons on Tuesday evenings until after 6:00p.m., and Mike has to be at church for scouts at 7:00. I figured I better get in the habit to do crock pot meals for those nights.

verification word: lavoid (is that French for the void).