Another reason I'm not getting anything done today

I had plans to use the kitchen at some point today (maybe even clean some part of it), but with the children home, they are always IN THE KITCHEN. Our kitchen is very tiny. Stick Matt in it and it's pretty much full. So come lunch time, which seems to be about three hours in length, access to the kitchen is unlikely. Thank goodness they can make their own lunches, at least.

Even when I'm the one filling up the kitchen, someone always has to barge in and say, "Can you get me a glass?" They could get themselves a glass, but I'm in the kitchen, and, thus, in the way. I either have to stop what I'm doing and get out of the kitchen, or stop what I'm doing and get them a glass. Perhaps I ought to tell them to drink out of the hose. Except then I'd have to stop what I'm doing and go turn the water on that leads to the hose. It never ends--the stop what I'm doing.

I'm hungry, but the children-shaped locusts have probably eaten everything in the fridge.