No more monkey clinging to my back

I just submitted another difficult assignment for a college class. The difficulty lay not in my ability to write it (as was the case in my writing rhetoric class), but in asking people to read it--having a writer's workshop. I hate to ask people to give up some of their free time to read some pitiful scrap of weirdness (which is what I assume people think of what I write, not what I actually think I write. What I write makes perfect sense to me) for me and then tell me what they think of it. Luckily the people I gave my story to knew how to critique and didn't all just say, "I thought it was good" or "I thought it could be used to line the cat litter box."

It ended up being a 30-page behemoth of an assignment (14 pages contained the short story). Those 30 pages weighed heavily on my mind for many months. I wondered if I would even be able to finish. I contemplated giving up. But I really don't like to admit to my mother that I quit something. So I forged onward, and in the last couple of weeks, I managed to have a physical gathering of women who didn't mind reading my story and I was able to complete the assignment.

So cheers to me!

Maybe I can actually finish this course in the year allotted to me. I'm still not convinced that I can finish the program in time, however. We'll see, though. I managed to live through the organ class. I also didn't implode while taking the Persuasive Writing class either. And my vital signs have stabilized during this class (Creative Writing).

Onward! (Three more assignments to go.)


froggybaby said…
I give you lots of props for doing these classes. The classes I take are more a nusiance than difficult. I only bemoan the time I have to put into it. You actually have difficult things to do and I really give you lots of credit for doing it. Congrats!! What was the monkey's name?
The monkey's name was Earwig J. Von Whoopsiedaisy. Or Brian. Or he had no name and I just called him The Monkey of Why-do-I-have-to-involve-other-people-in-my-homework-assignments.
Dennis said…
I would love to read your paper (but I know you won't let me) because I know you write very goodly.
Keep forging forward.