On track

Track season is in swing for Paul. Last night was the only home meet all season so I HAD to go. And I brought my new camera to test out its sports-picture-taking capabilities.

Here he is before the 1600m race. He's looking calm...or he's clueless (it's his classic "what?" face)
He likes to run with his head up. This was taken during the 1600m. He came in 11th out of 18 or so. It was actually pretty good--he shaved a few more seconds off his previous time and he ran varsity. His time was 5:02
This is the start of the 3200m race. I don't know if he ran JV or varsity because there was only one 3200m race. I'm thinking he ran as a JV participant, though. I don't know what he placed--just that he was in the middlish. He was one of two freshman from his high school; the other two entrants from our school were juniors.
Here he is at the end of his 8 laps around the track. The guy right behind him is the other freshman from our team.
Here is what Paul does when he isn't running.He raids the fridge.

I enjoyed watching the track meet. I never liked running, and I was never very good at it. It pleases me, however, to know that I have contributed a fair amount of genetic material to an offspring who does like to run and has the stamina to run 3 miles and not die a hideous, blood-spurting, heart-exploding death. Since he is 50% ME, couldn't some of his calorie burning be applied to my fat cells?


I often wondered if my children's energy is genetic. I'm guessing I just gave ALL of mine to them and left myself mostly lifeless. :) I don't know if my fridge can handle those teenage boy years that are sure to come.
froggybaby said…
Paul is looking so Dave! He looks really muscly, too!!
Jen said…
Paul must be so excited to finally get to compete. Looks like he's doing great so far. I'd say the running could be genetic since he's obviously a clone of Dave.