Shot in the (not so) dark

I got to check off one more thing on my list of things I've done that it had never occurred to me to do or that I could do. I gave someone a shot.

I had to get up at 5:50 a.m. to do it (oh yeah, feel sorry for me! I see a few of you rolling your eyes). (The shot is for fake child's mother. For privacy issues, I won't discuss why she needs a shot, or why I am the one giving it to her, etc.)

I wasn't nervous--needles do not scare me--but I was a little concerned that I might do it wrong or cause FCM (fake child's mother) some pain. FCM and her husband gave me a demo last week, so I knew what to do (in theory). I was worried that my bathroom wasn't clean enough though. Last week when they gave me the demo, my bathroom was not at its best. I was a bit red in the cheeks. Not so this morning. The job of cleaning the bathroom was entrusted to Paul this weekend, and as usual, he did an admirable job, even if he went a bit heavy on the Soft Scrub for the counter, resulting in a bit of residue. BUT ANYWAY.

The syringe isn't tiny--the shaft is about 2 1/2 inches long and very sturdy-looking. FCM got it loaded up with viscous goo (otherwise known as "the medication") and handed it to me.

The needle and I got along just fine. It's weird that the needle doesn't poke through the skin immediately, the skin resists for a bit and then you can feel it give way. Kind of a weird sensation; as the needle holder you can feel the resistance give way with a little pop. And then there was another resistance as the needle was about halfway in, but it gave way too. I plunged the syringe slowly and evenly, as directed. I retracted the needle slowly and steadily too. And voila, the innoculation was finished! FCM pronounced me a fit administrator of medicine, saying I did very well; she hadn't felt a thing.

So I have mastered a new skill this morning. And because I have accomplished so much today, I feel justified in not doing anything else all day long, except maybe I'll knit, since I have such a good way with needles.


Jen said…
You are certainly brave. I don't know if I could do that. This is one of the reasons I avoided the healthcare industry as a possible career path for me. Good for you though to have that experience. I will say gave a little TMI. I had to stop reading at the pop. Ish!
Dennis said…
Thias is why I hope I never develop typr 1 diatetes. I HATE needles. I don't think I could ever give anyone (muchless myself) a shot. You are courageous beyond description. I can't even look at someone on TV receiving a shot even though I know it's fake.
Dennis said…
Sorry about the typos
Shantel said…
Sounds like getting my fertility shots in my hiney. Joel would never do it - we allways had a friend who was a nurse do it. He was a tad queasy about the whole deal. Oh the memories!