I haven't blogged much about Katie lately. She's been working and knitting and texting and calling and attending Archuleta concerts.

And she got to do something I've always wanted to do--attend a Seder. Granted, I don't know much about the Passover meal beyond what I've read in the Old Testament (and that it involves horseradish and unleavened bread and the males must wear kippot), but I think it would be touching to get up close and personal with the symbols and hear their meaning read out loud in Hebrew (and hopefully English so I'd understand).

The family that Katie lives with (Jim's cousin and her husband and son) are of Jewish heritage and Sara's (the cousin) grandfather came to town to celebrate Passover with the whole Wright family. And they kindly invited Katie to join them. Aunt Karen sent some pictures and, hoping I don't offend, I'm going to post a few here. Karen, thanks for sending pictures!
Happy Passover!


Very cool. I'm a little jealous.
froggybaby said…
What a fun event!! See, Utah isn't all Mormon stuff. And remember: Roses are red, Violets are bluish; If I weren't a Mormon, I'd probly be Jewish!!
Dennis said…
With all of my travels to Israel I have never had a Seder even though I was in Israel once during Pesach (Passover). I was at the Western (Wailing) Wall at sunset and several hundred Israeli youth came dancing down the road leading to the wall and they were carrying torches and singing. It was quite moving.
Shantel said…
That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful thing to get to do.
Jen said…
What a cool experience for Katie. One of my "colleagues" when I was teaching high school was a strict Jew, and I remember him switching his diet for the Passover. It was interesting to learn about that stuff. This man also had quite a collection of yamikas including a football-shaped one that was Vikings themed.
Runyan's Roost said…
I'd love to attend a real Sedar. We once did a mini Sedar with the kids. We just had a Sedar plate and explained the symbolism of each of the items on the plate. Kendall still remembers it.