Easter picture dump

Did you all have a nice Easter?

Mine was colorful
and tastyFood coloring--it makes everything festive! And adding a peep makes it cute!

We ran exuberantly in random directions...
...and ambled casually as cousins, discussing egg location strategies......to find treasure.
We enjoyed one last turn at being young.We enjoyed wearing ruffled, pink aprons given to us by daughters.
And I survived playing the organ at church yesterday, although it could have gone better. Next time I'll leave the savagely-beating, racing, nervous heart at home; it was not helping. Internal organs doing the alien-clawing-its-way-out-of-my-chest routine interfere with brain impulses meant for fingers and feet, causing spastic seizures in the extremities and many, many wrong notes.

After church Jim and I took a walk in Murphy Hanrehan park. We've lived in this area for fifteen years and this is the first time I've been to Murphy Hanrehan park. What a shame I've never been. Jim's been before, though. I brought my camera.

Two pictures of pre-spring Minnesota. Someday it will be green here.


Very colorful! And you did great at the organ. I'm sure Pres. Monson could hear you in SLC and was very proud. :)
Shantel said…
My sister called me a few minutes ago. She saw the cake on facebook, and asked that when you post the goodness, I was to foward it to her...lol...
Shantel: http://www.omnomicon.com/rainbowcake

And Steph: Yes I'm sure he heard me as I kept on playing when the broadcast started! My excuse: they started the broadcast early and I couldn't see the screen from the organ bench.
froggybaby said…
Great cake!! And fun Easter hunt pictures. Owen looks like such a man!
Karie said…
It looks like you had a fantastic Easter! And I hear you on the alien heart during performance thing--I'm mildly terrified of getting some sort of music calling.

Pretty pictures, too.
mastubz said…
Hello to Kathy! Love the apron. Let's see it with some shorts, maybe. Sara, How did you get the colors so vibrant in the cake?
I used cake decorating food coloring--kind of an opaque paste in various colors that you can buy at craft stores in the cake decorating section.
Jen said…
Wowzers, that is some bright cake. Looks delish! I'm sorry to have missed the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's, but we sure had fun at Aunty Jenni's (at least the girls and Mike did since I was so sick). Happy belated Easter!