Peas on earth (or in it)

I find myself wandering out to the sodden deck in my bare feet (so as not to get any socks wet. Heaven forbid I put on shoes or even sandals) every hour or so to see if any peas have sprouted in my garden. I know it has been less than a week, but it's hard not to check!

I'm glad I planted when I did because it has been wet ever since. The next dry day we have, I'm going to start planting carrots. The beans will have to wait until late May.

I have a little pot with oregano, basil, and chives planted, and they've sprouted. I hope they like it by the only south facing window I have access to (the other south facing window in the house is in the boys' room and if I were a plant, I'd be afraid to be in there).

C'mon peas!


froggybaby said…
I keep thinking I'm going to do some sort of planting some year. Guess this wasn't the year I was meant to do it. I have fond memories of pea picking as a child.
Peas straight out of the garden are SO GOOD! I remember sitting on Grandma Talberg's back step shucking peas and trying not to eat them all. I have not-so-fond memories of shelling white beans though. Remember those dried white beans that Mom had--buckets and buckets of them? We used to sit on the breezeway at the house on Church Road and shell them. That was torture!
Jeannine said…
I only remember a couple of times that we actually ate the peas from the garden cooked. I think we ate most of them as we picked them (or soon after).
Sounds about right. I don't plan to do much cooking of peas. I'll eat them all right off the plant.
Jen said…
I ate frozen peas last night, and I know that they don't even compare to freshly picked peas. I'm so envious.