Why do they call it a "meme"

Because it's all about ME. MEMEMEME!

I'm resorting to a meme today

1. Five things I've read recently:
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak--I highly recommend this book. Yes, it's about Nazi Germany, and it's about death, but it's a lovely book. The writing style is very poetic.
Part of the introduction to The Art of the Personal Essay. It's not boring, but it's long.
Jimmy's persuasive essay on doping in sports. It wasn't as high-schooly as it could have been. And he writes much better than I ever thought he would. And he didn't complain about having to write it as much as I thought he would.
The nutritional content panel of a packet of 100 calorie snacks.
Knitting instructions for day 6 (the last day) of the April knit-along
2. Five sites I've signed up for
3. Five shows I've watched lately
"Chuck" I have heard that it's in danger of being canceled. Sigh. Just like another favorite, "Pushing Daisies." NBC, don't cancel "Chuck!"
"House" Last night's episode was a shocker. I thought Taub killed Kutner. But I was glad he didn't. I wasn't glad that Kutner killed himself.
"As Time Goes By" rerun--I love that show. BBC shows are awesome!
"Stargate Atlantis" on DVD. Jimmy has me hooked. "Lots of power? Define lots." "In terms of joules or ergs?" "In terms of 'lots.'" HAHAHA
4. Five things I want right now
To go back to bed
To fix all the broken things in the house. Like the window sashes and frames and the ceiling in the bathroom and the screen door and the closet door in the sewing room. At least the kitchen sink is fixed and the van is operational!
To practice the organ so I can play well on Sunday
To read without interruption
5. Five things on my grocery list
I just went shopping yesterday, but I know I forgot stuff. Stuff like:
Hamburger buns
Spaghetti sauce
more chocolate
lots of chocolate

And that's it for today, folks. Happy Tuesday to all of you.


Karie said…
How could you have forgotten the chocolate? That's nigh unto a sin, woman!

That was a rather enjoyable meme. Thanks for sharing!
Not forgotten, just didn't get enough!
Jen said…
Fun. I don't think you've got enough chocolate on the list. And was Jimmy for or against drugs in athletics? Just wondering.