Stuff to do

Ahh, the sweet feeling I get after dinner is well on its way to being cooked! I love my crockpot! I had dinner in the crockpot before Matt left for school. I'll still have to shred the pork (I'm making pulled pork for sammiches later. Yes, I purposely spelled it that way) later, but at least I've got SOMETHING for dinner. If I don't get anything else done (and there is a strong possibility of that) at least I made an effort at dinner.

I have to practice the organ today and every day this week. Next week is not only Easter, but it's stake conference at church and the people in charge of these things asked me to play the organ. Rrr (they asked our regular organist, but she declined). Not that I mind playing the organ, but when I play in my own ward, many people know that I am not world's best, or even ward's best. But I'm pretty sure they appreciate my efforts and willingness. Now we will be combined with two other wards and I'm a little bit more nervous, because I think that people are going to be expecting someone who plays well. Even when I spend lots of time in practice and can play it well, when I get in front of a congregation I suffer major apocalyptic finger spasms that turn the simplest hymn into an unrecognizable mass of irritating notes. Why say yes? Mostly because it gives me the impetus to get to the church early on Sunday and get a decent seat. Embarrassment at the organ is a small price to pay for good seats. And I like having a good reason to practice, even though it does little to turn me into a virtuoso.

Monday is also grocery shopping day. I've got my list ready to go; I just need the time. I also have to exercise, write Creatively, and shower. And pick up Hayley from school. So I'd better get busy getting stuff done.


TaterBean said…
you're playing for stake conference? only 2 other wards? well that's still a lot of people...just practice a lot. i wish i could play the organ for church still, it's the best calling ever! bu grr i'm on the activities committee and i can't even make it to the activity meeting this week cuz it's on wednesday which is when the wrights and irwin and his wife are celebrating the passover...which i will not miss. i really don't think that i'm supposed to be on the activities committee...but my bishop didn't seem to mind that i could never make it to the activities...grrr i just want an easy calling, i'm lazy...
Enjoy the Passover dinner! It'll be a fun experience.

No, you're supposed to be on the activities committee for now, if that's where the bishop wants you to be. Hang in there!

The reason it's only two other wards is because stake conference is a broadcast from Salt Lake and everybody gets to go to their own building if it has satellite receivers. So we are meeting with Apple Valley and Eagan wards.
Dennis said…
Since you will be there early can you save seats for Sharon and me?
When Katie played for stake conf I felt a great deal of pride in knowing that my grand daughter was up there playing. I know I will feel the same pride listening to you play regardless of the quality (I could have said irregardless but I stiffeled myself). If it were me playing I could have played the first bar of "God of our Fathers" (right hand only).
And yes I would like to read your story.
You won't be as proud when I botch the introductions to the hymns.
Jen said…
Wow, to have dinner all ready before the kids even leave for school. That's impressive. If I do a crockpot meal, I usually drag my feet to compile it until the last possible minute.

Oh, you are so modest. They wouldn't have asked you if they didn't think you had the proper skills for it. You'll do great! But good luck anyway.

I've got lots to do today, too, and it takes me about 8x longer now.

Verficiation word: uncited (is this the opposite of excited?)
froggybaby said…
Yay for dinner preparedness. Eh for playing at Stake Conference. I had to conduct the music once at the Sat Night session and was all nervous for that! Can't imagine having to actually perform!