I have another ear infection. Blah. This is like my 6th one in probably as many years. I never had them as a kid (that I remember anyway). Then again, I didn't have seasonal or dust allergies as a kid either. So I'm stuck with a bum ear that hurts for a few days until the antibiotics' magic kicks in (oh sweet sweet antibiotics, how I love you!). I was amazed yesterday--when I realized that I needed to see a medical professional with legal prescription-writing power, the clinic actually had an available slot during the one hour time window that I was able to go! And I was in and out in fifteen minutes. (Too bad the pharmacy at my favorite store took close to 45 minutes to fill the prescription. And since it was my favorite store and I had to wait, I couldn't just stand there. I had to go buy two bottles of blood orange Italian soda, Yogos, flower seeds, new earbuds for iFlossie, yogurt--as suggested by the nurse practitioner-and a Neti pot--also suggested by the nurse practioner. Stupid ear infection cost me more than just the $7 for the amoxicillin)

Last night, despite the left side of my head feeling like cement, I got together with some women from church to practice a song to sing in Relief Society a few weeks from now (Relief Society is the women's organization in my church). I will be doing piano duty for this song, not singing, though. And I could have sat at the piano all night and listened to these three lovely women sing. I almost felt like I didn't have any right to be there, because what talent I have musically is far outshined by any of these ladies on their own, much less combined. I felt like the dorky little sister whining to be included with the cool big sisters (I've never been a little sister, so I can only imagine this is kinda what it feels like). I was lucky just to be there. And I'm grateful for what little musical ability I have so that I have an excuse to hang out with the cool kids.


Jen said…
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your ear woes. I know that that is not a good feeling. I used to get ear infections a lot as a kid because of swimming so much. I still remember my mom ironing a folded up towel to put on my ear as comfort. Hears to a speedy recovery for you:)

Again, you modest woman (I would backhand you if I were close to you, only pretend though)! You are a very talented piano/organ player and have every right to play for those women. Good luck!
The only reason I am a part of this group is because I am in charge of it. Talent has nothing to do with it. I hate being in charge and I hate asking people to do things like this so I figured I'd just spare myself the pain of asking one more person to share their talent by playing the song myself.
froggybaby said…
Maybe you have earwigs. JK Ear infections are such a kids thing. When Travis got one a few years ago, he felt so silly. Then he had to go on an airplane and it hurt!

Do the women like the song?
I feel as silly as Travis. Ear infections are for babies!

Yes, the women like the song.
I've had ear infections a couple times in the last few years, too! Weird, it almost feels as silly as getting diaper rash or something. Buy you're right about those anti-biotics. Thank heavens. And I can't wait to hear the musical number.