Not named the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog and yesterday's lies

Matt likes to knit. He knit a miniature scarf while we were in Florida and when we went to the yarn shop the first time (when Jenni didn't know we went and when we got REALLY lost) the owner of the shop gave Matt a bunny pattern. We got him some yarn and he went to town on the pattern (a six inch square of knitting).

He finished it last night and now has a little green stuffed bunny, which he calls Bunners.It's kinda cute in a little green alien cuniculus kinda way.

So. Yesterday's list of possible April Fool's fibs? Only #1 was true. Thankfully, no cats puked in my laundry. My feet are fine. I'm not preggo. Getting an organ is just a pipedream (PIPEdream, get it? HAR). No conficker here. Kids lunch accounts--fine. My day off remained so. No mousies. Sadly though, no chocolate cake. The dishwasher problem turned out to be a quick fix related to the new garbage disposal, and no outside help was needed.


Matt's rabbit is awesome... way better than a Webkin anyday. :)
Shantel said…
I love the rabbit. He needs to teach the YW to knit!
froggybaby said…
At least the dishwasher was easily fixed. LOVE the bunny. I saw the original one in the store and was reminded of Matt. I think it is just the cutest thing! My yarn is all wound and at my house!
Marissa said…
I tried convincing Dave that you were pregnant, but he didn't buy it. He got me good though, he texted me that the bank was towing his car, because I told him a few days ago I had forgot to mail of the car check. I called him and he said it was too late the bank and repoed it. I was on my way to work and even after he said "April Fools" I couldn't stop shaking.
TaterBean said…
cute bunny!

omg...i laughed so hard at your comment Marissa!! HAHA