The kids are home from school today because it's Good Friday (good for the teachers), except for Paul, who is at school for track practice.

I don't mind the kids having a day off school except that I never get anything done on those days. So despite my long list of things to do, I'm sure most of it will go undone today. Why? Why can't I manage to function when I've got kids around? They aren't little, they can fend for themselves, they obey, they do their chores when I nag them enough. Why is it that I can't manage when the children are around the house during the day? (and for that matter, when Jim is home, I can't seem to get in gear)

Maybe part of it is because no matter how independently functioning the children are, they STILL have to ask for things, or tattle on each other, or need reminding of things they should be doing.

"Mom, where's the stapler?" "In the drawer," I say. "No it's not." Then commences a hunt for the stapler that lasts at least 15 minutes.

"Mom, I need you to sew up the rip on my shirt or sew on a button" "Sew it yourself," I say. "I don't know how. Show me." Sigh. "Go get a needle and thread." "Where are the needles?"

"Mom, I need to make a cake. And decorate it. How do you make the icing? And where's your decorating stuff?"

"Mom, Olivia invited me over. Can you drive me?"

"Mom, there's no more cat food." "Mom, there's no more milk." "Mom, where is my track uniform?" "Mom, can you help me with my math? I don't get this problem." "Mom can you read over my English paper?" "Mom, when can we have lunch?" "Mom, can I sign up for the afterschool badminton class?"

So I sit around, not starting any big project because I know that I will be interrupted by something. And I hear someone calling me right now. I'm about to prohibit the use of the word "Mom" for a few hours. NO ONE TALK TO ME! ARRRGGGGHHHH!


Dennis said…
But think how lonely it would be to not have them around to remind you that you are a mom and that they need you even if it is to find the needles, stapler, cake decorating stuff, a glass, etc, etc, etc.
I know you are saying it would be heavenly but it wouldn't be (heavenly).
Welcome to every day of my life. :) Too funny.
Jen said…
I had Annie home all week prior to spring break, so I feel for ya.