Chastised for not posting pictures

So, Jen commented that I should have posted pictures. "For shame!" she said.

Properly contrite, I now present: Lots of pictures. In random order. Because I refuse to spend more time on this than minimally necessary. Katie is harassing me for use of the computer, specifically the printer.

1. After the picnic, we lost the ice cream scoop. And found it again tonight, embedded in refrozen ice cream.
2. A pansy.
3. Katie is wearing a red thing I knitted for her.
4. Katie borrowed a violin from a friend and attempts to play it.
5. My mini garden has filled out a bit. And the thyme flowered.
6. My garden
7. Katie befriends Bandit with a bratwurst
8. A crappy picture of the band. I have no idea where Paul is.
9. Granddaddy at our picnic.
10. Hayley waits for a parade.
11. Katie and her friend Jake (the one who lent her the violin)
12. Owen is mastering the finer points of baseball.
13. A picnic
14. Jim waits for a parade.
15. Some silly boys.


Jen said…
Thank you, now was that so difficult. I hope you know I was just teasing you and didn't really take offense. I have gotten comments in the past about not posting pictures. So now I obsessively try to find pictures to show with each post. Of course, I'm not as stellar of a writer as you, so my non-picture posts just sound plain silly.
ACK, am I that socially awkward that you feel you need to tell me that you were joking? ;)

No, I didn't take offense, I knew you were teasing, and I didn't even shed one tear so you KNOW I didn't take it personally! I knew you were joking, so I joked back. I hope it looked like I was joking--hence the picture of the ice cream scoop (although technically Jim asked for me to take that picture and I assumed he meant for me to blog about it).

I'm pretty sure I sound silly all the time, pictures or no pictures. But I don't care anymore. I blog for me. If no one else reads it, at least I'm amused.
froggybaby said…
I read and enjoy the pictures and non pictures. I get to see you this week!! And although I liked all the pictures, I will just say that I loved that pretty pansy picture. Made for good alliteration.
your mini garden looks really pretty.