Ten things to do instead of doing what I want to do while entertaining guests

1. Make excuses for the anti-social/evil cat. (Note to Magic: GET OVER IT. They aren't going to hurt you. They may even want to give you treats!)
2. Worry over whether the door is open to my room because it is messy. I don't want anyone to see what I'm really like. (Like they can't guess!)
3. Post things on the blog so that people who miss the people who are visiting us will know that they are here and doing just fine.
4. Babysit. But only yesterday. And it drove me nuts.
5. Drive children. Why is this the week when Paul has driver's ed, music lessons, cross country running, Hayley has band lessons and amigurumi class, and Matt has art class for boys? Must yell at my calendar for allowing this scheduling nightmare to have happened.
6. Bake bread. I have a church meeting tonight (that I'm in charge of so I can't get out of it) and I have to bring homemade bread. I haven't even started it yet.
7. Feed the neighbor's dog. We had a picnic last night and Bandit the Corgi crashed the party. Lucky for him that he is a nice dog and he's very cute, so it wasn't annoying to have him hanging around the park with us. When his owner called him home, I don't think he wanted to leave. Katie got him to jump around on his hind legs. Corgis on their hind legs are funny-looking!
8. Resist chocolate. I will probably fail, though. Granddaddy always brings See's chocolates when he comes and I want to sit and eat all of it.
9. Attend to my personal hygiene. I'd rather chat than shower.
10. Cook. Fortunately, Granddaddy likes to take us out to lunch and/or dinner so I don't have to do much cooking while he's here. Picnic cooking/food prep excepted. I didn't mind cutting up a bunch of veggies (with Other Jim's help--he was dinner helper last night) for a picnic.


Jen said…
Ugh, I don't envy your schedule. I'm off to the beach:)

P.S. Just go to the bakery and get some fresh, baked from them. No one would be none the wiser.
froggybaby said…
Stay in bed and say you are sick, then you don't have to do any of it!! Have Katie drive so you can bake bread. I hate those kinds of days/weeks. We have them often.