Fourth of July water fun

We went to a party on the lake for Fourth of July festivities. The kids had a blast, there were plenty of friends, and plenty of fun things to do in the water. One was a rope swing over the lake. I was surprised to see Matt enjoying the rope swing, but he apparently does not fear the swing like I thought he would.

Here he is as he takes off.

And here is a great picture of him letting go:

Paul takes a turn. I like this picture.
There was also a floating dock that the kids wanted to play on. At first it was just kids Matt's age but then the big kids invaded. Yes, that is Matt standing, fearing for his life as the big kids claim the territory.
The big kids have fully taken over the dock. Jimmy and Paul are both there.
Jimmy exits the water.Jimmy made me make tuna salad for the potluck dinner. He wanted it all for himself though. He polishes off the last few bites.

Paul and his friend Jason almost look like twins. I hear they plan this kind of thing. In this picture, they look like they are about to play patty-cake. But I'm sure they aren't. I'm sure they are going to do something totally manly and tough.
Hayley even tried the rope swing.
Hayley and her friend Gabby played around in the water. They always have fun together.
I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July!


Jen said…
Looks like a fun way to spend the 4th. I loved doing that kind of stuff as a kid.
froggybaby said…
Looks like you had a great day! Much better than my 4th of July. The kids are certainly looking older - more manly (except for Hayley).