Last night we dragged Granddaddy to downtown Minneapolis (the bad part even) to see Paul march with the marching band in the Aquatennial parade.

We rode the light rail from the Mall of America all the way to the Warehouse District (Hennepin and 5th). I love riding light rail, even though it might take a little longer to get where you are going. I like not driving. I like not having to find a place to park. I like watching the people in the train with me.

We got there kind of late for finding a prime spot on the curb, but second row on the sidewalk was ok. We set up our chairs in front of a topless bar (I told you it was the bad part of town) but fortunately, because of the parade, the usual element of such places was not to be seen. We would have moved to more decent digs, but we got there too late. Katie and I scouted out Hennepin Ave for several blocks in search of better real estate, but all areas were already three or four deep with parade-goers. So we joined back up with those who had stayed to hold our place.

We still had a while until the parade started (and since we were at the end of the parade line, we would wait even longer) and my children all came prepared. I was so proud! Matt had his pencil and paper and busied himself with drawing aliens, robots, creatures of undiscernable species, and bolts of energy, Hayley crocheted on her amigurumi project, and Katie read a book and waited for her friend to show up. (Other Jim was at work and unable to attend the parade) I brought my current knitting project and knitted several rows that I now have to rip out because I did it wrong (ARGH!).

Finally the parade started and I got some really crappy pictures of the band. So I am not going to post pictures. Sorry. Paul wouldn't look at us anyway and he was in the middle of a row. Katie ran out into the street (which she CHASTISED ME FOR DOING two years ago when she was in the same parade) to hug a band mom who was marching along doing water duty. Silly girl.

We left after the band went by so we could get home at a semi-decent hour. Again, I liked taking the light rail home. I'm glad we left early because the train wasn't packed to the gills. We were full, but no one had to stand.

Today will be a much more sedate day. Breakfast at Perkins while kids are at their various activities and then nothing. I'll be able to rip out several rows of knitting without interruption from the calendar. I hope the kids give me the same courtesy, though I doubt it.


Jen said…
Even if you were in ghetto town, it still sounds like a good time. You could've at least taken some pictures posted of your other children. For shame.
froggybaby said…
Fun "experience" for the family. You can always use the expereince as a lesson for the kids!! And yes, for shame, no pictures. However I have since enjoyed the pictures of the more recent post.