The first in what will hopefully be a series

Remember these from this post?
Well, now part of them look like this.
Caveats/excuses: I'm not a quilter. I have pieced a nine patch, but never finished it (Katie and Mom finished it for me 20 years after I started it). I have no plan for this, I'm just playing around with colors. It's supposed to look vaguely like a pumpkin and YES, I know the line match-up isn't perfect. I'm trying to achieve that wonky, amateurish look on PURPOSE.

(Other Jim is playing his music really loudly while in the shower. But before I get all het up and tetchy about it, I have to remind myself who used to take her $50 piece o' crap boom box into the bathroom to play Weird Al as loud as possible while SHE showered. Tetchiness fading. Not so het up now. I could even learn to enjoy the occasional concert by osmosis)


froggybaby said…
She loves it!! She loves how the colors blend and get darker on the edges. She knows that there are patterns out there that purposely create wonkiness. It is beautiful.
Jen said…
The quilting is just lovely. I even got to witness it in person. Of course, I'm biased since I've got an orange/green thing going on in my own environment(s).