Up too early

And I feel like I pressed myself into the mattress the whole night so I don't feel rested at all. Darn these babysitting shifts when I'm up until nearly 11 p.m. and then have to get up before 6 a.m. I almost wish that if I have to babysit back to back shifts like this that fake child could just sleep over so I could go to bed at a decent hour and get up at a decent hour. Fake child went back to sleep this morning, thank goodness. I should have too, but she's sleeping on my side of the bed.

Hayley is off to her very first YW camp! I'm the only female in the house (except for when Fake is here). I hope I don't get taken down by constant and relentless boyness without the soothing presence of one other female in the house. Hayley was excited to go and she has been packing for several days in preparation. She has good friends her age to pal around with too.

Time to roust Paul out of bed. He has to go to cross country practice. PAUL! GET UP!


Jen said…
I sure don't envy your work schedule, but at least you don't have to sit at a desk somewhere for those hours.

How fun for Hayley to go to her first YW camp. I'm sure she will have the time of her life.
Yes, I am glad that I can babysit in my pajamas or watch TV or knit or study or comment on blog posts while I work.
froggybaby said…
That is a perk. I have done babysitting and working out of the home and can list ALL the pros and cons of each. Hats of to you.

And OMG - Girl's Camp for Hayley!!!! What fun!! It is the best. I hope she has a blast!