Evidence that I have raised my children in a way that makes me proud

Matt just said to me as we are indulging in a weekly favorite show "The Next Food Network Star": "Hey Mom, it's funny! They just said 'Previously on The Next Food Network Star!'" He recognized the paradox (oxymoron?) and understood it enough to appreciate the humor! My 10-year-old is a language geek!


froggybaby said…
Isn't that great!! Not everyone gets that kind of stuff either. My girls laugh at a song that says "I've seen her type before...She's so dangerous..." and they laugh at the thought of someone's typing being dangerous!

Go Matt!
Jen said…
Clever kid. It is very important that our children develop keen skills in humor. I can only hope my girls will also have that ability. My guess is that with Mike for a father, it will happen.
Jeannine said…
Love it. He would totally fit in in my family.