Fifteen things about Paul

1. Today is his fifteenth birthday.
2. He's fifteen today.
3. (Hence the fifteen things about him)
4. I found him ironing some bermuda-style shorts today. I laughed!
5. He said, "What?" I asked him why he was ironing shorts. He said "Because the bottom is all wrinkled and bent." I laughed even harder.
6. He said, "What?" again. I said that usually people just wear the shorts with the wrinkles in the cuffs because ironing is such a tedious and much-disliked chore. But, I said, you can go ahead and iron them if you want to. He kept ironing.
7. He wants a racetrack on his cake.
8. He already received his birthday present in the form of a monetary contribution to a 16 gb iPod nano, which he purchased this morning.
9. He also got new running shoes--he used the gift certificate he got from the Burnsville 5K race.
10. Paul is a good kid. He did his jobs today and even did Hayley's vacuuming job (she's gone at camp).
11. He also did a paying job today. It was the second day of his stint as teaching assistant for 6th grade French Horn students. He really likes this job. The 6th graders look so little compared to him but he's only four years removed from them.
12. Paul chose for his birthday dinner (surprise surprise) macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and orange jello.
13. He used to have a little speech problem: he couldn't manage sounds that required the use of the back of the throat--l, k, soft g. Our favorite thing for him to say was Luke Skywalker (he was a big Star Wars fan) because it came out of his mouth as "Yoot Stywater." And we still tend to say "cool" as he used to pronounce it: "tool."
14. I like to call him Pavl (yes, that's a 'v'). Or Polliwog. Or Pah-we-wog (reminiscent of his inability to say the L sound).
15. He starts Driver's Ed next week. AAAAAACCCCKKKKK!

Happy birthday Paul!

Pictures later, maybe. Or tomorrow. If you REALLY need pictures of Paul, please see my blog heading, where you will find a picture of him leaping to certain wateriness. Or you could go here. Or here. Or here.


Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Pavl! You are certainly one-of-a-kind just like your ol' Uncle Mike. Cherish that uniqueness. Glad we got to see you so close to your birthday.