Summertime, and the living is easy

Summer checklist:

Camps: 3 down, 3 to go. Hayley goes next week. Then it's art camp for Matt and amigurumi camp for Hayley the week after. Does driver's ed count as a camp? Because Paul starts that on the 20th (NO WAY!!!!!!!)

Garden: Peas are flourishing! Anyone want peapods? (unless you're a rabbit. Then you can't have anything from my garden. Go away!)

Sewing: Have to pick up the traitorous Sergei from the repair shop this Saturday. I"ll have my eye on you, Sergei. Otherwise, I've finished two pairs of shorts for Hayley and a skirt for me. Another skirt for me is nearing completion. I also sewed a neckerchief for my brother Mike. Reports are that he likes it, while his wife does not. Oh well. Can't please everybody. Still waiting for a picture...

Senior pictures: This Friday. Bought Other Jim a few new shirts for pictures. (Don't tell anybody, but I think OJ is a clothes hound. He's very picky about clothing too. We had to find "just the right kind of brown" polo shirt--no logos, no stripes, not too gray, not too orange, just the right material...Arghhh!)

Fun: Been to the beach twice, will go again. I even took the fake child both times. And she provided the cookies (well, her mother bought them on her insistence) one of the times. That was nice. I'm going to try to go berry-picking next week.

Upcoming: visits from Katie and Jim senior! Concurrent visits, even. Kate, you'll be sleeping on the couch (not unlike when you actually lived here, so I'm sure you won't mind). Edited to add that I forgot to add Jenni to the list of visitors (I knew you were coming, I just didn't think that far in advance. My brain calendar only goes out a week at most).

Chores: Nagging is in full swing.


froggybaby said…
nice list. Reminded me that I need to get to the beach, if we have a day that it's not RAINING! Enjoy your visitors. BYW - I'm visiting, too.
Jen said…
Sounds like a fun-filled and busy summer. Can't wait to see how the senior pictures turn out.