Warning: Cake pictures are high in fat

Voila! Paul's birthday cake.

Every minute detail rendered artfully in frosting!

(Except for the Paul figurine, uh, action figure. That is a photo. A double-sided photo. Ask me how I did that! Although you can probably guess)

And now, a celebratory look at the many faces of Paul:
Well, there is actually only one face of Paul. That is his facial expression for pretty much everything. Paul, you get to clean the whole house and mow the lawn. Yup, he says. Paul, you're now fifteen and you can take driver's ed! Yup, he says. Paul, the Harry Potter movie is out! Yup, he says. Paul, I can't believe you won the race! Yup, he says. Paul, the house is gone and we have to go live in the sewer! BOOHOO! Yup, he would say.

I did manage to eke a smile out of him for a pose with his two birthday presents (one of which I only contributed slightly less than half the funds for. Guess which one--worth 1 1/2 points if you are the first one to get it right)

We had a very quiet birthday dinner--attendance at family dinners has fallen off dramatically in recent months. Hayley is at camp, Jimmy was at work, Katie won't be here until Saturday. So it was Jim, me, Paul, and Matt.

And Servo. Who is, in this picture, complaining. He looks like a vampire feline. A behemoth vampire feline. Seriously, this cat is one tub o' lard. Madge is even bigger though, but if you try to pick him up, all you get is the distinct impression that you've just tried to pick up the Tasmanian Devil.

Hey! Want to participate in a fun activity in honor of Paul's birthday? Caption this picture of him! What is he thinking? What is he reacting to? Basically, make him into a lolcat.
Comment on this post with your caption(s). Humor me. Please?


Karie said…
"This *is* my Napoleon Dynamite impression!"

Also, you contributed to the iPod. But I cheated, because you mentioned that on Facebook already.
froggybaby said…
That is totally caketastic! I love the addition of two-sided-Paul. He is really looking grown up and has lost any semblance of childhood. Just thought you'd like to be reminded of that.
froggybaby said…
"Foiled again!! I would have succeeded if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"

We LOVE the picture of Servo. It is awesome.
Dennis said…
Happy Birthday Paul
That's an outstanding cake!

"I'll get you my little pretty"
Jen said…
Love that cake! What a wonderful added touch to have the 2-sided paul running. Paul is definitely looking older and more grown up. Everyone is getting so old (except me, of course).

Servo needs to go on a diet.

No good at captioning but I'll give it a try: Did you really think I'd prefer salt frosting to buttercream (do you get the reference)?
Heehee, Jen! Is that a reference to the "salt" doughnut incident?

Everyone's captions are very fitting! I got a good giggle out of them.
TaterBean said…
Love the birthday pics :) the picture is funny too, but i have no caption for it, i'm not as witty as you are mother. servo is ginormous! i can't wait to play with him (pet him)...and i can't wait to bother the crap out of magic! HAHA
Shantel said…
Here's my caption "Do I look like servo?"
Better late than never. Happy belated birthday to Paul!