The upside of a bad economy

Monday game Twins tickets are based on the stock market this year and since the stock market is in bad shape, we were able to afford lower level outfield tickets to a Twins game for the whole family last night!

It's probably the last Twins game I'll ever see in the Metrodome since the Twins are going to move to the Target stadium next year. I'm not all that sad, though the Dome has brought us Twins fans some good memories. I'm looking forward to an outdoor stadium (baseball in the snow!).

Anyway, here are some pictures from the evening.

Here we have a nice view of downtown Minneapolis coming from the south.
We had to wait for Jim to go back to the car after we parked because no one remembered to grab the bag of snax for the game (you NEED snax--and yes that is a purposeful alternate spelling. I believe it adequately conveys the attitude I have towards them. Anyway...). So I took the opportunity to snap a pic of the five children all together. It's a rare occurence these days. Paul put on his happy face for the picture.
The Twins dugout before the game starts. I love how close my camera can get with the zoom feature!
The three older kids. Again, Paul with his happy face.
The younger two. I don't know what Matt is staring at.
I included this because it has ME in it! No, mostly I included it because Katie was taking a nice picture of Jim and ME and Hayley decided to be a picture crasher with her cheez-flavored fingers (cheez--another intentional alternate spelling designed to convey a certain meaning, namely that the orange dust on her fingers is not made of real cheese, but dried crushed pulverized cheese product that has been colored a nuclear orange).
Here is Matt's happy face. He picture-crashed a shot I was trying to get of Katie.
The Dome (and a beach ball). Note the Canadian flag. Minnesota is nearly in Canada, eh?
Justin Morneau hits a ball.
Two banners that better make their way over to the new stadium.

The score at the bottom of the 8th. Will the Twins hold on to win the game???
Yep! Joe Nathan came in relief and held the White Sox scoreless in the top of the 8th!Katie wanted me to take a picture of the mascot on his celebratory lap around the field after the game ended.

Katie leaves today. We have had a busy week and a half with her. Granddaddy was here too during part of the time and we hardly had a minute to sit around and relax. Katie came out here with a list of things to do and with yesterday's visit to the Science Museum to see the Titanic exhibit and the baseball game last night, she checked all her to-dos off the list. Right now she's out to breakfast with a good friend and pretty soon we'll be taking Katie back to the airport. It's been a good visit!


Shantel said…
Looks like you guys had a blast! I got into baseball for a short time when the Diamondbacks were in the world series. Man! It was great!
Jen said…
What fun for the ENTIRE family! How cool that you could actually see and get a decent picture of the guys in the dugout. We always sit way up in the nosebleed section when we've gone baseballing.