Succumbing to sap and taking pictures of taking pictures

Other Jim is going to be a senior in the fall. It's hard to get the ol' brain cells to accept that. What makes me really sad is that the memories of that little boy with the huge eyes and cartilage-less ears who could be a real stinker are fading. I know that I had a hard time with him, but for the life of me, I can't remember many of the details anymore. Some stories I remember because I've repeated them so often out loud and I hold onto those memories now like they were treasures worth more than gold--mostly because those memories are the only thing left of that little boy. He has changed so much and, according to him, that little boy never existed.

The little boy who, after I told him he was my goofy boy, he said, "I not a goofy boy, I a wacky boy." And who once told me after I asked him how hungry he was, said, "I'm a hundred hungy" (yes, no R). The little boy who once found so much enjoyment in carting his Duplo blocks one by one to the toilet and throwing them in is gone. Jimmy is gone. Monkey boy, Wonky boy--now a ghost

In his place is Other Jim. Car repairer, cart pusher, Spanish class-hater, tie hoarder, enjoyer of loud rockin' music, needler of younger siblings. I don't know how the change happened, it was so subtle. But it did.

Phhhbbt. I don't know how I got to be so maudlin.

So what brought all this on? Senior pictures. We spent over four hours in the process of capturing Other Jim's face on camera. He was a good boy. He cooperated and didn't get fussy, except for the time he thought I was serious when I suggested we take pictures of him and his friend by the dumpsters for a real urban look.

He wanted natural settings but it was a little difficult since the sun was so bright. We did find a few good spots though. Here is Jen, the photographer extraordinaire (and sister-in-law extraordinaire) with Other Jim.
Here is OJ and his friend. Jen took pictures of her too. She's wearing Other Jim's tie.
The macho side of Other Jim.
A more natural setting.
P.S. These are all pictures I took. The official senior pictures will be coming sometime in the future when Jen finishes making them look really cool.



Jen said…
Gah, is that what I really look like from behind?!?

Other than that, 'twas a fun time. I'm glad I was able to make the trip and do O.J.'s senior pics. I'll start officially editing tomorrow. Hopefully, the girls will let me get some of it finished.
froggybaby said…
They look great!! WOW...Jimmy a senior. Time passes by like something or other. Can't remember. Looks like it was a fun time and I hear there was a nice picnic too!!