Chauffeur needed

Ten things I needed to be able to drive downtown (some I had, some I didn't have):
1. Nerves of steel (sorely need)
2. GPS device (had)
3. Map printout of possible parking locations (had)
4. More nerves of steel (anyone have any extra?)
5. Paper bag to hyperventilate into (should have brought one!)
6. Cell phone to call people who can talk me out of a nervous breakdown (had)
7. Additional nerves of steel (Please?)
8. Previous experience going to my destination (had)
9. A big sign that pops out of the top of the car that reads "Sorry I just ran that red light! It was unintentional! I am not used to driving downtown!" or "Sorry I cut you off! I didn't mean to! I am not used to driving downtown!" or one that says, "Just kill me now." (someone ought to invent something like this)
10. SOMEONE TO DRIVE FOR ME (Jim, I sorely missed you last night)

It was awful. But I made it there and back alive. The concert was fun though and I'm glad I went.


TaterBean said…
haha! what concert?
The 5 Browns. They all put the rest of us "piano players" to shame.
froggybaby said…
Does the Tomton take road construction into account? It is a harrowing experience when you don't know the city well and all. And I got lost in the parking garage with three people counting on me to find the car.
Sadly, no. Aunt Roady's sister (and Aunt Roady) are clueless regarding traffic. Someday, though, I'm sure that feature will be added.

I feel your getting-lost pain. I suffer flashbacks when I see ads for the State Fair.